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Slow Summer Burn: A Loveswept Contemporary Romance

Slow Summer Burn - Elisabeth Barrett So...this was the 4th and final book in the series and I have to admit, I'm a little sad about that. I'm going to miss these characters and this community and their stories. Great fluffy series for anybody looking for a little adventure mixed in with their romance.

Beyond Pain (Beyond, Book Three)

Beyond Pain - Kit Rocha Amazing -- better review to come when I can gather my thoughts

The Beginning of Everything

The Beginning of Everything - Robyn Schneider You know those moments when the stars align and you read the perfect book at the perfect time? Yeah, that happened to me last weekend. I was in a meh mood and life was just one kick in the ass moment after another...until I started reading this book.THIS BOOK.I can already tell that this post is going to be a bunch of different rambles all with the same message. That being, you need to read this one. My emotional response to this book just stomps all over my ability to form coherent thoughts. I don't even know...the writing, the words, the characters...they just marched into my heart and decided to take up permanent residence. Ezra. Gah, what can I say about him? I loved him from the very beginning. His struggles...I have been there. Obviously not in the same way, but the parallels...yeah, they were absolutely there.That everyone's life, no matter how unremarkable, has a moment when it will become extraordinary-a single encounter after which everything that really matters will happen.I know my moment. The very single instance when I figured out who I was and what was truly important in life. Maybe that was my connection to this book - that having had my moment, I found myself pulling for Ezra and rooting for him as he searched for his path.And Cassidy...I both loved her and hated her. And maybe felt a little bit jealous of her until I wanted to hug her. This vibrant tornado that appears everyday and uproots everything Ezra thought he needed to hold on to.I loved the two of them together. The back and forth between them, the emotional connection, the cuteness and awkwardness of early relationships...perfect. And real. There was a true balance in the writing. There were moments that were completely poetic and there were moments that were so completely high school that I found myself alternating between giggling and swooning over pretty words. Ezra and Cassidy...their life experiences have unfortunately propelled them to this level of philosophic maturity where they shouldn't have to be at 17, and then they would say something or laugh at something that would remind you that oh yeah, they were definitely still in high school.And even when it all comes crashing down around them, it results in an ending that works. I told you my thoughts were all over the place... But like I said in the beginning, sometimes the book gods smile down and you read the right book a the right time. With its blend of happy and sad and funny and reality, The Beginning of Everything has a permanent place on my list of favorites and will be one I recommend forever.

Thank You for Riding (Strangers on a Train)

Thank You for Riding (Strangers on a Train) - Meg Maguire Super cute and smiley. Exactly what I was looking for


More - T.M. Franklin This is a book that has been on my radar for months, but I go through phases when reading stories with a Paranormal element. It is either gimme gimme gimme or I just can't get into them. So I'll admit, it was a risky move when I requested More from Netgalley. It was also a smart move. I thoroughly enjoyed this book. The characters were well-written, the plot was well thought out and as the first book in a new series, it laid a solid foundation for future books. This is a huge deal for me because I am a big believer in "less is more" and I find many series openers tend to be guilty of backstory overkill. This book found that balance. There was just enough information to pique my interest but not enough where I felt smothered and I found myself reading at every possible opportunity, finishing this book in just over a day.. Well done, Ms. Franklin. Ava is a believable and realistic heroine Though she is struggling with Physics, balancing school and a job, on top of the stress of leaving her parents and the security of home, she isn't whiny. She is determined and isn't afraid to ask questions or ask for help. And as we later learn, she is a bit stubborn and head-strong. I liked her - and that's saying something because I am soooo guilty of judging heroines. Caleb -- he makes me smile. Super smart and a bit dorky, I found him a pleasant change from the typical dominant male hero. Don't get me wrong, he isn't a wimp, but he isn't bossy. And he isn't a "greek god". And he isn't Mr. BMOC. He isn't perfect and I think that's what I like the most about him. Their adventures kept me reading and reading and reading. I didn't get bored and I found myself trying to guess what was going to happen next or why things happened, feeling like it was happening right in front of my eyes. And when I got to the ending, I was left satisfied.I also immediately picked up the next in the series, but more on that in a separate review. Definitely put this one on your to-read list. You won't regret it.This review was also posted on Flutters and Flails


Indelible - Dawn Metcalf Oh, I wanted to like this one so much more than I did. I tried. I tried so hard, but it just didn't work for me. Sigh.

Obsidian (Lux Novel)

Obsidian - Jennifer L. Armentrout Daemon. That is all.

Losing Hope (Hopeless, #2)

Losing Hope (Hopeless, #2) - Colleen Hoover Where to even start about this book? I finished it a few days ago and my thoughts are still all over the place. I guess I'll start in the beginning. Colleen Hoover has made me question everything I've ever believed about books that are a retelling in a different POV. Until now, I've just sort of thought of them as a gimmick, or at times, even a cheap ploy to grasp on to readers (and before anybody gets offended, it was my opinion of the CONCEPT, not of a particular author or story) -- but maybe I need to rethink my generalization. Because holy cow, Holder's POV of this story added an entire new level of depth and emotion that blew me away.(In case you haven't read Hopeless, don't worry. I'm not going to give away any plot twists or spoilers. But definitely make sure you read it.)This book was not just a retelling of Hopeless. It answered questions I had as a reader. It filled in gaps that were inevitable reading from Hope's POV. It made me love Holder even more than I did before and you should have seen my flails when I was reading the first book. Hello, book boyfriend.Holder in the first book was swoony. But Holder exposed like he is in this book...Not only do we get to hear his thoughts, but we also see more interaction with his friends and, most importantly, we gain more insight into his relationship with his sister -- and how this affects his relationship and deep connection with Hope.I haven't had the opportunity to read as much as I'd planned over the summer because of various real life interferences, but from the moment I started this book, I couldn't put it down. And I already want to reread the series again.Some books just make you FEEL...this is one of them.

Call Me Crazy

Call Me Crazy - Quinn Loftis I'm just going to put it out there...I LOVED this book. Loved it. Loved. It. I've got a soft spot for mental health issues, having seen people I know and love affected by them so to see a realistic portrayal of something that doesn't necessarily guarantee a Happy Ever After. That's not to say that HEA's aren't possible -- but they aren't a quick fix. They take work and effort and faith and trust...and Call Me Crazy totally gets it. I FELT these characters. Tally's insecurities and her frustrations. Trey's devotion. Even Candy's snark. Loftis does an amazing amazing job writing this story. She manages to find the perfect balance of angst and new love and friendship all wrapped up in a slightly frayed bow of realism -- pretty and perfect from a distance but upon closer inspection, it could start to unravel with just the slightest mishandling. Like Tally. (I hope that makes sense because it totally does in my head.)Yes, I know Im rambling a bit -- but that's what I do when I love a book. The thoughts are bouncing around in my head and won't slow down long enough for me to form them in to pretty and concise words. But believe me when I say that I am smiling and bouncing and flailing about this book. And there were flutters. Yes, flutters. All in all, it was a very emotional read for me in all the best possible ways.And the best part -- it introduced me to a new author. I am dying to delve into the other works by Ms. Loftis because I know I won't be disappointed.

Finding Bliss

Finding Bliss - Dina Silver Review to come.

Along the Watchtower

Along the Watchtower - David Litwack Review to come

Flirting with Disaster (Camelot, #3)

Flirting with Disaster (Camelot, #3) - Ruthie Knox Dear Ruthie Knox -- I adore you. How is it that you always manage to write books that I can't put down? Please don't ever stop ;)Flirting with Disaster is the third book in the Camelot series and the story of Katie (Caleb and Amber's younger sister) and Sean. Like we learned in the 2nd book, Katie has returned from Alaska and a failed marriage to her high school sweetheart. She is the office manager for Caleb's security firm but aspires to do more with her life and decides to take a shot at being a field agent.Enter Sean Owens. An acquaintance from high school, a temporary transplant from California, an agent in the office...and Katie's new partner. Can we just talk a minute about how much I love Sean. He is all the things a good contemporary romance hero should be and then more. I mean...I. Love. Him. And without giving anything away, can I just say that for the first time in my life, I wish I lived somewhere where it snowed.What I loved the most about this book was the fact that while Katie and Sean both have obvious flaws, neither one of them allows their weaknesses to define them. They are both true survivors who, at their weakest moments, aren't too proud to refuse help from their friends and family. And eventually each other. The chemistry between Katie and Sean is evident from the very beginning -- and watching it grow and evolve into more kept me up reading way past my bedtime. Their story is believable and the ending totally works.Thank you to Netgalley and Random House for allowing me the opportunity to read this book in advance.
Making the First Move - Reese Ryan A mere few DAYS after starting my blog, Reese Ryan took a chance on me and allowed me to author a guest post for Contemporary Romance Cafe. So I was so completely thrilled to get a chance to review her debut book Making the First Move.Simply put, this book makes me smile. I love a strong-willed heroine, and that is exactly what you get with Melanie Gordon. The girl is determined. She is successful, has a good head on her shoulders, and isn't afraid to make tough decisions like moving across the country when it is in her best interest. Or back home again for the same reason.BUT...she also isn't perfect. And that makes me love her even more. Now...lets talk about Raine Mason. Did I tell you that this was a friends to lovers story? FAVORITE!!! Raine is the best. He is swoony, and put together and works for a non-profit because he believes in the cause. HELLO -- I love him. BUT...you knew there had to be one :) He, too, has his flaws. Ms. Ryan writes a story that is about discovery -- both of one's self and one's emotions. That maybe what we think we know best about ourselves isn't necessarily the truth and that it takes a little turbulence to make us appreciate the blue skies ahead. Thank you to Netgalley for the opportunity to read this book. And to Ms. Ryan -- YAY!!!!!!!!!!

Just One Day

Just One Day (e-novella) - Sharla Lovelace I wanted to like this one more than I did. I an absolute sucker for a lost love reunited story. They are my FAVORITE! But this one fell short. And a bit on the ridiculous side. Oh well.

The Mistress

The Mistress - Tiffany Reisz I've been staring at this screen for almost an hour now, trying to find adequate words to convey what I feel about this book, this whole series.I'm pretty sure nothing I say on this page will be enough.The Mistress is the final book in The Original Sinners Series - The Red Years. Let me first let you know that I hate goodbyes. And while this really isn't a goodbye because there is another quartet of books to come from Ms. Reisz, this is the end of this particular chapter.I'm not even sure you can describe the feelings I had while reading this book. It was a little bit of this:and thisand thisBut that's about all you're going to get re: the storyline. Since I was lucky enough to get an ARC from Netgalley, I am not even going to go near what might be construed as a spoiler. Nope. Spoilers are bad. But I will say this. I am just as in love with the characters as I was in the first 3 books...maybe even a little more if that is even possible. As I said in my review of the first three books, these books are so much more than what their BDSM and erotica tags immediately imply. These books are smart. They are emotional. They are mind blowing and enlightening and so well-written. These books are not the stereotypical bodice-ripper that you want to read on your Kindle/Nook/E-reader so nobody knows what you're really reading. I love that this story is about love and acceptance. Love and acceptance in all forms. All the classic (see that, Ms. Reisz **winks**) elements are there, but the story is told in a way that consumes you until you just...I don't even know...you just FEEL it. You feel it so hard that your tummy hurts and you have tears, but yet you find yourself smiling at the same time. Feelings so intense that you might say they inspired the name of my blog. Now...about the ending. Loved it. It made sense, it wasn't contrived and simply put, it left me with a sense of completion that makes knowing this is the end a little bit easier to accept. That being said...BRING ON THE PRIEST!

Making it Last (Novella)

Making It Last - Ruthie Knox Sometimes you read something that makes you feel not quite so alone in the world.That happened with this novella.Amber and Tony have been married for 10 years. During that time, they have had 3 sons and Tony's construction business has been hit hard by the recession. Times are hard and he is working 15+ hour days.While he is working to provide for his family, Amber is left to handle the chaos that only 3 high-spirited children can provide. She is wife and cheerleader and teacher and doctor and mother and substitute father and cook and cleaner and chauffeur and whatever other role needs to be fulfilled.And all the while she is being whoever she needs to be, she forgets how to be Amber.I have so been there -- and reading this novella brought it all screaming back. The feels. OMG, the feels. It was like looking in a mirror of words and seeing my reflections on the pages.One hazard of reading romance novels is the risk of comparing truth to fiction...but if everybody's life was like the books we love so much, we wouldn't need to read them. Making It Last reminds us that marriage and relationships aren't always the fairytale story, but that just because things are hard doesn't mean the romance is gone. Sometimes you just have to knock down walls to find it. And that it is most definitely worth the effort.Thank you, Ms. Knox for reminding us what it is all about. And that we aren't alone.