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Pushing the Limits

Pushing the Limits - From the moment I saw this book on netgalley, I wanted to read it. So much so, that I requested it again after being denied the first time -- so thank you to Harlequin UK for giving me the chance.Even before I had finished, I was already worried about writing this review because this is one of those books that touched me in ways that can't be described. Simply put, it is one of those books that reminds me why I love to read.I never thought I'd find characters that touched me as much as Hazel and Augustus from TFiOS - but Echo and Noah totally made me fall in love with them. After separately experiencing tragedies I can't even begin to fathom, their individual paths intersect in a social worker's office and eventually they start to realize that maybe they aren't so alone. The pieces of one slowly start to fill the empty spaces of the other creating a story that made me smile and cry and rage and cry and love and love and love. You know that feeling you get in your tummy when you feel all the feels? Yeah, I had it. Echo -- all she wants is the truth that her own mind keeps from her. Her father is overbearing and controlling and so completely over-protective that not only has Echo lost her memory, she's basically lost her freedom. And don't even get me started on Ashley. I can't even...Noah -- hot and broody, tatted and a stoner. All he wants is his family back together. The way he talks about his brothers pulled on every emotional cell in my body. I hated what he had to go through to the point where I almost became petulant listening to the people that were supposedly "knew better" I think I hated Carrie and Joe as much as I hated Ashley. Both of them have been let down by adults that should have been the ones to protect them. No wonder they both have trust issues. Who wouldn't. What I do know is that Mrs. Collins totally deserves cookies. Katie McGarry creates this story that is the perfect balance of romance and swoon and angst and hope and resolution. It lacks nothing. Nothing.I feel like I'm rambling and as I go back and reread, I know I am...but this is one of those books that I don't think I can ever really talk about enough. I want to run around and give copies to my friends - and then pester them until they read it so we can talk about how good it is.