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Ever (Ever, #1)

Ever (Ever, #1) - Jessa Russo Y'all...I really liked this. Really liked this.I'd been in a serious book funk for about a week, nothing was doing it for me. Until I started reading Ever and from page one, I couldn't put it down.Going in, I knew nothing about it except that I fell in love with the cover at first sight. I mean, look at it - absolutely gorgeous.But it was the story that hooked me. It was the perfect combination of paranormal and YA and suspense and mystery and swoon and "gah, I hate Ariadne" and heart flutters. This is when being an emotional reader is so difficult - because the gesturing and gushing I do in my head makes no sense typed out and it makes it so hard to write a review without giving anything away. I'm already wanting to reread because I know there are things I missed the first time because I was reading so fast - **guilty grin** I had to know what was going to happen!One word of warning -- there is a serious cliff hanger at the end. Like, almost to the point of being cruel. I hope Ms Russo writes fast because I NEED TO KNOW WHAT HAPPENS!In the meantime, I'll be over here daydreaming about Toby...or Frankie. No, Toby. Or Frankie. Both?