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The Siren

The Siren - Tiffany Reisz I don't know what to say about this book. I don't think anything I can put down will be the right thing or enough...without getting too personal. I'm in the middle of emotional overload but in the best way possible.I never ever thought reading a book that could be tagged with the term erotica or BDSM could make me feel these things. Yes, those elements are there and necessary - this book wouldn't be what it is without them. But that is not ALL that this story is. I can safely say that the odds are almost nil that I'll ever experience a BDSM relationship (not b/c of a moral objection but because my life chose a different path for me that makes it hard for me to trust), but after reading this book, I GET it. I can see it. It allows the reader to see the beauty in something that society (thanks to books like FSoG) likes to stigmatize and trivialize. I feel almost honored to read it. It is a love story and a love story and a love story...and a love story (I think I counted right). I connected with every single character. Nora - where has she been all my life? And Zach and Wesley, sweet sweet Wesley. And even Soren. I never write long reviews -- I'm an emotional reader and it is hard for me to "critique" because I feel awkward putting my thoughts out there when usually they are based on nothing but my emotions -- but my feels for this book...they deserve words, inadequate as they may be. I feel every word of this story. I'm jealous of anybody that gets to read it for the first time.