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The Beginning of Everything

The Beginning of Everything - Robyn Schneider You know those moments when the stars align and you read the perfect book at the perfect time? Yeah, that happened to me last weekend. I was in a meh mood and life was just one kick in the ass moment after another...until I started reading this book.THIS BOOK.I can already tell that this post is going to be a bunch of different rambles all with the same message. That being, you need to read this one. My emotional response to this book just stomps all over my ability to form coherent thoughts. I don't even know...the writing, the words, the characters...they just marched into my heart and decided to take up permanent residence. Ezra. Gah, what can I say about him? I loved him from the very beginning. His struggles...I have been there. Obviously not in the same way, but the parallels...yeah, they were absolutely there.That everyone's life, no matter how unremarkable, has a moment when it will become extraordinary-a single encounter after which everything that really matters will happen.I know my moment. The very single instance when I figured out who I was and what was truly important in life. Maybe that was my connection to this book - that having had my moment, I found myself pulling for Ezra and rooting for him as he searched for his path.And Cassidy...I both loved her and hated her. And maybe felt a little bit jealous of her until I wanted to hug her. This vibrant tornado that appears everyday and uproots everything Ezra thought he needed to hold on to.I loved the two of them together. The back and forth between them, the emotional connection, the cuteness and awkwardness of early relationships...perfect. And real. There was a true balance in the writing. There were moments that were completely poetic and there were moments that were so completely high school that I found myself alternating between giggling and swooning over pretty words. Ezra and Cassidy...their life experiences have unfortunately propelled them to this level of philosophic maturity where they shouldn't have to be at 17, and then they would say something or laugh at something that would remind you that oh yeah, they were definitely still in high school.And even when it all comes crashing down around them, it results in an ending that works. I told you my thoughts were all over the place... But like I said in the beginning, sometimes the book gods smile down and you read the right book a the right time. With its blend of happy and sad and funny and reality, The Beginning of Everything has a permanent place on my list of favorites and will be one I recommend forever.