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Pantomime - Laura Lam I need to figure out a way to review this book without giving anything away because even the tiniest of spoilers will be detrimental...but I enjoyed every page of this book. It was unlike anything I've ever read.Ok...lets try this. Pantomime is the story of a boy and a girl and their quest to live freely. Micah and Iphegenia have grown up living a lie. The rigid rules of a noble society caused them to live a life of lies and deceit until one night when an act of desperation sets them free. Or does it.This review would be so much easier to write if I included spoilers, but I refuse. A huge part of what makes this story is the twist. Just trust me. Laura Lam creates a beautiful world filled with nobility, adventure, romance and pain. I've never read a story dealing with the particular issue in this book and the awkwardness and pain I felt in parts totally enhanced my ability to understand the life of the characters. I can't imagine living my life not able to identify who I was or what I was meant to be through no fault of my own.I can only hope that based on the way the book ended that there will be more to come. I'm not afraid to beg.