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The Prince

The Prince (The Original Sinners) - Tiffany Reisz Loved it -- better review to come later, after Ive had a chance to gather my thoughts. I have so many things to say!Ok, so I changed my mind. I feel like I need to write this review now while all the emotions and thoughts are still fresh. They are tumbling around in my mind like a blizzard, but for those of you that actually read my reviews, you know that's how I work. What can I say about this book that doesn't give anything away? One one hand, it deserves all shouty flaily cap words and bouncy claps and the same "read this now" t-shirt I said after reading The Angel - but (and don't worry, this is a good but) it almost doesn't seem the right response. The intensity was overwhelming and delicious and absolutely necessary. I found myself wincing at parts and reading though my fingers, but with every page turn I wanted to immerse myself in the depth and the feelings. Soak in it like a warm bath with candles and lots of wine until I get sleepy. I can't speak French worth a damn, but every italicized word or phrase was like a whispered kiss (-- well, except for 5 words that will haunt me until The Mistress comes out). When you read it, you'll know what I mean. Half my updates were in a language I shouldn't understand, but when I was reading, I felt fluent. Because this story is more than just words. The Siren was sassyThe Angel was enlighteningThe Prince...was emotion.And I mean that completely for all the Princes. Everything I felt for Wesley, for Kingsley, for Soren in the earlier books is multiplied by kazillions. What Tiffany Reisz does with her characters is nothing short of magic. I can't think of another series of books that has grabbed me so consistently and yet each book does so in a completely different way. As with the others in this series, I can't wait to read this one again and again and again...