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Uncharted: An On the Island Novella

Uncharted - Tracey Garvis-Graves For real, is there anything better then learning that there will be "more" about characters you love? Nope.So I was super excited when I found out about this Novella.Like, cartwheels down the street excited :)Owen Sparks was the other (and earlier) inhabitant of "the island" -- but his was a willing decision and Uncharted is his story. So many of the questions that Anna and TJ had during their ordeal were answered and this novella provided the perfect finish to On the Island. That final flourish. That final tug on the pretty bow at the end.At first I was a little sad that there wasn't more TJ/Anna in this novella, but once I had a chance to sit back and gather my thoughts, I'm now glad that there wasn't. They were still there, and they are still some of my favorite characters ever, but there is an inherent overkill risk with follow-up novellas/epilogues. Allowing this story to be Owen-centric kept that from happening.I still love Anna and TJ just as much as before.And now I love Owen and Calia too.