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Making it Last (Novella)

Making It Last - Ruthie Knox Sometimes you read something that makes you feel not quite so alone in the world.That happened with this novella.Amber and Tony have been married for 10 years. During that time, they have had 3 sons and Tony's construction business has been hit hard by the recession. Times are hard and he is working 15+ hour days.While he is working to provide for his family, Amber is left to handle the chaos that only 3 high-spirited children can provide. She is wife and cheerleader and teacher and doctor and mother and substitute father and cook and cleaner and chauffeur and whatever other role needs to be fulfilled.And all the while she is being whoever she needs to be, she forgets how to be Amber.I have so been there -- and reading this novella brought it all screaming back. The feels. OMG, the feels. It was like looking in a mirror of words and seeing my reflections on the pages.One hazard of reading romance novels is the risk of comparing truth to fiction...but if everybody's life was like the books we love so much, we wouldn't need to read them. Making It Last reminds us that marriage and relationships aren't always the fairytale story, but that just because things are hard doesn't mean the romance is gone. Sometimes you just have to knock down walls to find it. And that it is most definitely worth the effort.Thank you, Ms. Knox for reminding us what it is all about. And that we aren't alone.