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Private Practice

Private Practice - Samanthe Beck Cute and silly and yummy -- great vacation read!This book surprised me a little bit. Yes it has the familiar romance composition of bad boy and good girl, but there was something a bit more. Tyler Longfoot was the “bad boy” back when Ellie Swan was in high school, the love ‘em and leave ‘em type with a different girl on his arm every other day. Ellie was the bookworm smart girl determined to make something of herself. When she returns to her hometown she decides Tyler is the perfect person to help her revamp her image and become the sex kitten she is convinced she needs to be. Things aren’t always what they seem though, and Ellie’s desperation to disprove her high school reputation blinds her to the fact that maybe Tyler has done a little changing of his own.It isn’t a big secret that I love a bad boy, but there is a difference between being a “bad boy” and being an ass. Can I say that here? Anyway, as the story develops, we see that Tyler has many different layers and definitely knows the difference. Sure he still has a mischievous side, but there is also a side that is warm and giving, hidden though it may be by his past. I found myself pulling for him throughout the story and wanting him to…nope, no spoilers here.Private Practice is a quick and entertaining read that left me wanting to read more by Samanthe Beck.