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Calling the Shots (Long Shots)

Calling The Shots - Christine d'Abo Calling The Shots is the 4th book in the Long Shots series. Where Books 1-3 deal with a trio of siblings, this book tells the story of Mavericks owner, Josh and his developing relationship with manager Beth and bartender Oliver.Christine d'Abo wrote a healthy balance of erotica and plot and I found myself enjoying both elements equally...though obviously in different ways -- **blushes** What I particularly appreciated was that she addressed the emotional and realistic complications that come with a polygamous relationship and it wasn't just about who puts what part where and when and how. Each character has their flaws and through their relationship, they figure out how to make things work.The way the story ended left me feeling like this was maybe the end of the Long Shot series -- but I could definitely read more. At the very least, I look forward to reading other things by this author.