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Rise of Hope

Rise of Hope - Kaily Hart I didn't realize how much I missed PR until I started reading this story. I'm not sure what has kept me away for so long, but I'm suddenly craving more and more.Kaily Hart has created a world that intrigued me from the beginning and she does a great job of incorporating plot with back story in a way that kept me from feeling completely smothered by character history. If anything, I almost wish I had been given a little bit more, but maybe that will come in subsequent stories.The chemistry between Seth and Devon is solid, and I love their dynamic. While Seth is definitely an alpha, that doesn't mean Devon is relegated to be the mindless maiden in distress. She is smart and unknowingly powerful which compliments and balances Seth's volatility. I look forward to seeing glimpses of how they develop as they learn more about who they are as a race and as a partnership.I do wish this had been a bit longer - there were parts where I could have used a bit more description. The warehouse scene in particular could have used a bit more fleshing out as I had to read parts of it a few times to figure out what happened. But given the fact that I'm a big fan of less is more, I'd almost prefer this over a book full of insignificant clothing descriptions and meal choices. So in that respect, well done. This is the first thing I've read by Kaily Hart, but it will not be the last.