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Call Me Crazy

Call Me Crazy - Quinn Loftis I'm just going to put it out there...I LOVED this book. Loved it. Loved. It. I've got a soft spot for mental health issues, having seen people I know and love affected by them so to see a realistic portrayal of something that doesn't necessarily guarantee a Happy Ever After. That's not to say that HEA's aren't possible -- but they aren't a quick fix. They take work and effort and faith and trust...and Call Me Crazy totally gets it. I FELT these characters. Tally's insecurities and her frustrations. Trey's devotion. Even Candy's snark. Loftis does an amazing amazing job writing this story. She manages to find the perfect balance of angst and new love and friendship all wrapped up in a slightly frayed bow of realism -- pretty and perfect from a distance but upon closer inspection, it could start to unravel with just the slightest mishandling. Like Tally. (I hope that makes sense because it totally does in my head.)Yes, I know Im rambling a bit -- but that's what I do when I love a book. The thoughts are bouncing around in my head and won't slow down long enough for me to form them in to pretty and concise words. But believe me when I say that I am smiling and bouncing and flailing about this book. And there were flutters. Yes, flutters. All in all, it was a very emotional read for me in all the best possible ways.And the best part -- it introduced me to a new author. I am dying to delve into the other works by Ms. Loftis because I know I won't be disappointed.