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For Internal Use Only

For Internal Use Only - Cari Kamm I'm conflicted about this book. I honestly don't know quite how to review it without giving away a pretty big detail, but I'm gonna give it a shot.For Internal Use Only is the story of Chloe Kassidy's search for the meaning of love - both in her personal life and in her career as a photographer. Her story starts on the day she gets invited to participate in "Love Through Light", an exclusive exhibit at a prestigious gallery. Basically, this is a huge make it or break it event for her and starts her thinking about love and how or even if it truly exists. Enter her amazing group of friends -- each in a different place in life and love. The happily married couple, the woman scorned, and the impulsive single mom on a perpetual quest for her soul mate". And then there is Christoph. Swedish diplomat, do-gooder, writer, lover of family, man of beautiful words. But lets just say that their relationship does little to help Chloe find the true definition of love. NOTHING about their relationship is traditional. Can love even be defined or is it just a product of fairy tales and Disney?That is what kept me up reading until 2:30 in the morning just so I could finish the book. First off, the writing in this book is gorgeous. GORGEOUS. The descriptions and the fluidity and the back and forth with Christoph...I highlighted so many beautiful passages that I just had to stop and read over and over again because they were just perfect. And the emotion -- I totally connected with Chloe. From start to finish. I felt her eagerness and trepidation and hesitation and free-falling. I felt all of her highs and lows, and while she frustrated me at times with some of her decisions, they were realistic decisions. I do feel like I have to give a warning though -- NOT A SPOILER. There is a twist in this book that I was not expecting. At all. In any way, shape or form. I was happily reading and basking in the swoony words when all of a sudden...huh...maybe...huh...did that...oh. OH! In other words, there was not the traditional fluffy, wrapped up in a perfect red bow HEA I was expecting - though I do classify it as a HEA. It just didn't take the path I was expecting when I started back on page one.All in all, this was a solid 4 stars for me. Well done, Ms. Kamm.