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Embracing You, Embracing Me

Embracing You, Embracing Me - Michelle Bellon I received this book as an ARC from Netgalley.Again, I rounded up. This is a solid 2.5 for me, which makes me sad because I wanted to like this book SO much more than I did.Roshell McRady was a teenager in the 90s, who lived in a trailer park and dreamed of getting out. Since I was a teenager in the 90s myself, I was SOOOO excited to connect with a book in that way and get a chance to relive my own memories. But the only way this book connected with the 90s was with a few obscure mentions -- a Janet Jackson lyric, a boy wearing Drakkar, and talking about Kurt Cobain once. I was totally let down. BUT, there should be more to a book than just the setting, so lets talk about the story. Roshell grew up with absolutely no male figure in her life. Her father, uncles, grandfather -- all were absent from her life, and as such she has a difficult time trusting herself to establish secure relationships with boys her own age. Until she meets Gabriel.Who she loves, but she won't tell him.So she moves away.And then there is a time jump during which she quits ballet, gets MARRIED, has a child and gets divorced. Maybe it is just me, but those seem to be events that would be relevant to her story. For real, it was like whole chapters were missing. So she goes back to her hometown, reconnects with Gabriel and all seems right.Insert gratuitous angst here. Granted, I did cry, but holy hell, it was like totally angst for the sake of angst.So she starts to binge drink and self-destruct until she is jerked back to reality by her grandmother, who we haven't seen or heard from since before the time jump. She gets a job in a Casino, meets another man named Nico, has a fight with him about his drug use and her inability to commit, moves in with him, goes camping, HAS A DREAM ABOUT GABRIEL, wakes up and says is ready to get married (to Nico).The End.I mean, this story had SUCH potential but the gaping holes were just too much.