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Sam Cruz's Infallible Guide to Getting Girls

Sam Cruz's Infallible Guide to Getting Girls - Tellulah Darling This whole New Adult genre...I am in love.What typically happens when I read a book with characters in HS, I reminisce and fall in love with perfect boy with the perfect swoon. And then the cranky, cynical little voice in my head starts to protest because that perfect boy doesn't exist in RL. Well, at least he didn't when I was in HS.But the characters in this book, are "real" characters. The crudeness and the snark and the humor, THAT is the type of relationship that 17 year olds have. I admit it, at that age (and even still today) I wanted the swoony prince charming, but my life was full of Sams. My best friend WAS a Sam. And Ally, bless her right-brained heart. I mean, when she was trying to learn how to flirt, I could barely breath because it was just so perfectly awkward. Sure, looks can change like a light-switch - and hers did - but underneath the makeover and new clothes, she was still brainy Ally. There was a point where her inner monologue uses the word 'clitoris' and I giggled because that was definitely a smart-Ally word. I love that she never lost the "no short cuts, do things the scientific way or don't do them at all" part of her. You can lead a horse to water and all that...This book had everything I was looking for - cuteness and humor with the appropriate amount of realistic angst. And where the ending was tied up neatly with a bow, it was still the type of bow that you get when a 17 year old boy gets in the way.