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Coda - Emma Trevayne

So, I remember when Ms. Trevayne first announced that Coda was going to be published.  I was so completely excited for her as I am when any of my "book friends" make that announcement.  That's what we're all here for right?  New stories filled with amazing words?

But now I'm going to let you in on a teeny tiny little secret -- I get very nervous reading books by people that I know, be it online or in real life.  I mean think about it -- it can be a little scary when you know the author and the author knows you're reading their book and omg, what if I just don't like it?  Then things are awkward even though they shouldn't be and maybe probably it is just me that feels like that...but there it is.  I was scared to read this book.

Even though I love all things dystopian.  

And even knowing there was a musical element to the story when music plays such an important role in my own life.

So yeah, I'm kinda kicking myself for having had this book since it's release date and just now getting around to reading it.  

This book sang to me.  And I don't mean that in a punny way or in a cutsey way trying to tie it back to the title.  But yeah, the musical element sold me from page one.  Music is such a personal thing to me.  The emotions that can be evoked by the perfect combination of sound and lyrics...indescribable.  Think about it -- we have playlists for working out, for kitchen dancing, for evoking a good cry on those days where crying is the only thing that will make you feel better -- and the audacity of a government to decide how and what music should make you feel?  Repulsive.  And terrifying.  

Cue my connection with Anthem.  I get him.  I can't even imagine being so dependent on something that you want to love and hate all at the same time.  Or having to live in fear of the day when people you love are given their first hit of what should be something so intensely personal.  And in the same breath, I think of the fact that the twins have lived their whole life without experiencing music and it makes me so sad.  Not that the music that the Corp provides is real music.

But what if there WAS real music out there.

What if Anthem could make it happen?  

I can do this.  The others are up there, waiting for me, bathed in lights that are the only thing making this place familiar.  Soon the kaleidoscope will be whirling to my rhythms, painting a crowd moving to my songs.

Mage stands behind his newly enhanced drum kit, Phoenix is at my old xylophone, Scope is surrounded by an array of things only the creative would call instruments.  Glass catches beams of blue, green, and purple and sends strange rainbows across the unconvinced expressions.  

My guitar leans against a speaker.  It has a voice of its own, and it's calling me.  Play me.  

I felt so much of this book.  There was everything within the pages.  Anger, elation, sadness, frustration, a little bit of romance and an "I know I did NOT just read that" moment that had me hunting down the author on twitter and letting her know that I was not amused.  Unfortunately, she zipped her lips and refused to tell me anything. **coughs** MEAN  **coughs**  (Though I did eventually forgive her.)

So, yeah.  When I started writing this post, I was worried that it was going to be a tough one to write.  Not because I didn't like the book, but because there was so much that I DID like about it -- and you know me and my No Spoiler policy.  Maybe it rambles a bit and maybe I only make sense to myself, but if you only take one thing away from this review, let it be that you need to read this book.